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F:SarahInkspotmodel - 3D View - 3D View 3.pdf

F:SarahInkspotmodel - 3D View - 3D View 4.pdf

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Inkspot update

So midterms are around the corner…this quarter seems to be flying by! My color palette is still changing and I am trying to be more accommodating to a reposition-able floor plan for events and varying sizes of exhibits. The perspectives are showing the main gallery space and how plywood panels surrounding the tattoo screens in the windows could be pulled off and transform into exhibit walls.








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Check out my latest post on the 2Modern blog today! Click here for the post. (featuring Warren Berger’s Glimmer)


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Morning! Check out my post for today on 2Modern featuring Clive Wilkinson Architect’s work on the new VCU Brandcenter in Richmond, VA. Their “folding” conference center has landed itself in my pile of inspirational images for my senior project so keep an eye out for what develops!


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Good afternoon all! If you have a minute, hop on over to 2modern and check out a few more lovely images of Mutina’s Dechirer line of porcelain stoneware!


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New on 2modern!

Check out my most recent post on 2modern showcasing an artist that I absolutely fell head over heels for last week! I am a self-proclaimed blog junkie and constantly on the prowl for something fresh and inspiring. Francoise-Neilly caught my eye while roaming through the newest addition to my daily search (Dropular).


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