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Drumroll please….

I have finally finished my brand spanking new Wix website! Let me tell you, not as easy as I thought it was going to be! Nonetheless…the site is quite easy to work with and produces a pretty professional product! I’m still in the middle of logo iterations so the website features something different than this blog…but it’s still me! Let me know what you think!


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I hope you all enjoy! Here are my final presentation documents!!

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Just wanted to share my latest…feel free to shoot me a message if you would like to discuss how the critique/review went! Over all though, I feel confident in the direction that InkSpot is moving! Check back here and here for a few supplementary posts. The first image is of  how it was displayed and then the individual pieces and close-ups follow.

C:Documents and SettingswhitstDesktopInkspotmodel_plan.pdf

C:Documents and SettingswhitstDesktopInkspotmodel_plan.pdf



C:Documents and SettingswhitstDesktopInkspotmodel_section.pd


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My last project at BRR was to develop a store. In the basement. Super fun!

The project was to show a particular group of clients what the possibility for improvement was within their college campus bookstores and how they could utilize resources they already possessed (along with a few inexpensive purchases) to create a unique and changeable experience for their student body. With the trend of purchasing books online, digital books, and easy access to articles via search engines, most bookstores are struggling with how to adapt and still be able to connect with and serve their target consumer. We selected a local school to use for the mock-up and created a shop-able space for our clients to experience. Enjoy!




Most of what was purchased was the merchandise so that we could make it feel as if it was fully stocked. The rest of the display techniques were created with items that I found in our basement or had lying around my house. From start to finish, it took a little over a week to develop and construct.





DSC_1840(Custom water bottle labels helped to unify the food/snack display with the environmental graphics.)



Photo Credit: Yours truly 🙂

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So today we had our first pin-up to review our most recent project…which was basically to develop our entire design in a matter of 2-3 days. Fifth day of school and I thought I was already going to break my winning streak of never pulling an all-nighter in design school! Close call.

Here’s my work! Let me know what you think!





F:Inkspotmodel.pdfC:Documents and SettingswhitstDesktop2.pdfC:Documents and SettingswhitstDesktop2.pdf

The following are a few assortments of images that I have pulled together for inspiration and currently have hanging near my desk in studio…some are geared more towards graphics…others towards body art…others towards interactive art…some are just for texture and aesthetic!





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Good afternoon all! If you have a minute, hop on over to 2modern and check out a few more lovely images of Mutina’s Dechirer line of porcelain stoneware!


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Mystery Project

Can you guess what project this fun chandelier was for?! Stay tuned for the big reveal! I have just finished my second quarter of co-op with the oh-so-lovely Big Red Rooster! To my fellow Roosters, you will be sincerely missed! slyderchand2

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