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I hope you all enjoy! Here are my final presentation documents!!

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Just wanted to share my latest…feel free to shoot me a message if you would like to discuss how the critique/review went! Over all though, I feel confident in the direction that InkSpot is moving! Check back here and here for a few supplementary posts. The first image is of ¬†how it was displayed and then the individual pieces and close-ups follow.

C:Documents and SettingswhitstDesktopInkspotmodel_plan.pdf

C:Documents and SettingswhitstDesktopInkspotmodel_plan.pdf



C:Documents and SettingswhitstDesktopInkspotmodel_section.pd


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Good morning everyone! I am just getting ready to start today’s post for 2Modern Design Talk and figured I would share a little more on my senior project! These are snippets from the program that I developed last quarter to help guide me through the actual design process over the next 9 months. Since the project was centered heavily on art and bodily movement, I created graphics that resembled freely splattered ink and brush strokes to pull each page together. Enjoy!


Front Cover


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