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In 2006, I worked on a group project that involved taking a musical piece and using it as inspiration to create a 9’x9′ “box”. This was our first experience will full scale design. I was both the Construction Manager and Project Manager. To this day, it remains one of my most favorite and memorable projects! P.S. we actually broke the rules slightly in our construction…we were asked to have the box completely enclosed…not one professor complained though!








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It’s a day for old projects to surface! I am looking to explore the world of event design as a career option and using this blog to supplement my resume which, currently, only has the more “expected” interior design experience such as retail and hospitality. I am hoping to change that in the near future!



Bona Fide was created from a previous studio project. The challange was to develop a restaurant using an ingredient/ingredients for inspiration. Most students chose one ingredient or something exotic to base their design around. I chose to go with an entire food culture. Being the picky eater that I am, I came home from my inspirational grocery shopping trip with a box of whole wheat pasta, a can of Cambell’s tomato soup and a box of Milano cookies, as well as the idea for a gourmet dining experience with the comforting staples of our youth.


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On of my more recent projects was to create a very specialized retail experience centered around a type of food preparation. I did a similar project a few years ago that was centered around a specific ingredient or food type (I did comfort food). This one was all about the gourmet baker. Primarily designed for the female consumer, age group 18-45, this store concept proved that anyone can achieve a gourmet status on their culinary creations, independent of the amount of time they have. It was to sell everything from pre-made delicacies to specialized ingredients and tools and was (hypothetically) located in downtown Cincinnati. These are the concept boards that were developed.

midterm_studio work4

midterm_studio work3

midterm_studio work2









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