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In the fall 2007 I had an amazing time working with a lovely team of creatives at my local Anthropologie! I took was selected for an internship with their in-store holiday design team and spent the next three months developing and producing some awesome holiday displays!



What you are seeing is hundreds of HAND-sewn mittens and stockings that we then attached to yarn covered rope lights to created a glowing canopyof wintery goodness, high above the central cashwrap!


For the windows, we cut out a million, paper snowflakes by hand and used a sewing machine to create long, glittery strands which went up in the HUGE front windows! So much fun!


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Here is a board that I just finished up for a contest over on StyleMePretty



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On of my more recent projects was to create a very specialized retail experience centered around a type of food preparation. I did a similar project a few years ago that was centered around a specific ingredient or food type (I did comfort food). This one was all about the gourmet baker. Primarily designed for the female consumer, age group 18-45, this store concept proved that anyone can achieve a gourmet status on their culinary creations, independent of the amount of time they have. It was to sell everything from pre-made delicacies to specialized ingredients and tools and was (hypothetically) located in downtown Cincinnati. These are the concept boards that were developed.

midterm_studio work4

midterm_studio work3

midterm_studio work2









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