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Morning! Check out my post for today on 2Modern featuring Clive Wilkinson Architect’s work on the new VCU Brandcenter in Richmond, VA. Their “folding” conference center has landed itself in my pile of inspirational images for my senior project so keep an eye out for what develops!



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The following images are from a furniture class that I took in 2008. Inspired by the quote “Everything beautiful is cracked…that is how the light gets in. -Unknown” I developed the design below using pre-sanded birch, automotive glass from a broken car window, resin, and various methods of connection.




The design was routed into the top at a depth of 3/4″ and then the safety glass was placed in the void. Resin was then mixed and poured over top. This process ended up melting the glass slightly, turning it to a lovely green color.




Unfortunately, my knowledge of furniture construction is minimal at the moment and I am currently in search of a better idea for connecting the top to the legs while maintaining the skinny profile due to my final prototype being extremely wobbily! ūüôā

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Inspired by a lovely set of Thomas Paul dishes that I stumbled across on Design Sponge this morning, I finally finished the Surf Lodge palette! The plates are of course Thomas Paul (although I have to admit that I played around with the actual blue color!), the delicious treat was created and photographed by the talented Aran Goyoaga, and the bar image is from the Surf Lodge in  Montauk, NY. Happy Tuesday!



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Build Bend Break

This was a really interesting residential project that I worked on that involved the concept of bending and breaking spatial planes. 


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In 2006, I worked on a group project that involved taking a musical piece and using it as inspiration to create a 9’x9′ “box”. This was our first experience will full scale design. I was both the Construction Manager and Project Manager. To this day, it remains one of my most favorite and memorable projects! P.S. we actually broke the rules slightly in our construction…we were asked to have the box completely enclosed…not one professor complained though!







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Here is a board that I just finished up for a contest over on StyleMePretty! 



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On of my more recent projects was to create a very specialized retail experience centered around a type of food preparation. I did a similar project a few years ago that was centered around a specific ingredient or food type (I did comfort food). This one was all about the gourmet baker. Primarily designed for the female consumer, age group 18-45, this store concept proved that anyone can achieve a gourmet status on their culinary creations, independent of the amount of time they have. It was to sell everything from pre-made delicacies to specialized ingredients and tools and was (hypothetically) located in downtown Cincinnati. These are the concept boards that were developed.

midterm_studio work4

midterm_studio work3

midterm_studio work2









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